Rubber Mulch for Daily Mile  in Moray

Rubber Mulch for Daily Mile in Moray

We can install Rubber Mulch for Daily Mile Tracks across the UK. If you would like a price, please complete our enquiry form now.

Schools Daily Mile Rubber Mulch in Moray

Schools Daily Mile Rubber Mulch in Moray

Our team offer rubber mulch surfacing for the schools daily mile. If you would like a quote for the works, please complete our enquiry form now.

Golden Mile Track in Moray

Golden Mile Track in Moray

If you are interested in having a golden mile track installed, please contact us now for the very best prices.

Rubber Mulch for Daily Mile in Moray

Using rubber mulch for Daily Mile track in Moray IV30 8 is a probably one of the best things you will ever invest in for your school or nursery. The reasons for that are tenfold, but let's quickly explain what the Daily Mile is first.

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The Daily Mile is a free scheme that encourages children to run or jog for fifteen minutes every day. The idea behind it is to ensure that children get at least fifteen minutes of physical activity per day, which will make them fitter, healthier, and improve their concentration levels back in the classroom.

The scheme has been a resounding success, with over 8,300 schools and nurseries across 65 countries now taking part in the mile-a-day programme.

Now let's come to why the Golden Mile idea and rubber mulch surfacing are a match made in heaven. Mulch not only makes the idea of an Active Mile seem more appealing thanks to the wide range of vivid colours that it is available in, but it helps to protect young muscles and bones from impact damage.

"Rubber mulch is a great alternative to running tracks. It is a lot cheaper, can be installed over existing grass and looks great! We are so pleased with the track and the students love it."

Its springy consistency acts as a shock absorber to pounding feet, and if the worst should happen and a child takes a tumble, it will absorb the impact a heck of a lot better than a stone or tarmac surface would. It's also quick and cheap to lay down.

This surfacing can be laid straight over the top of tarmac, stone or even mud, so there are no expensive groundworks to install first. Throw in the fact that maintenance is virtually nil and repairs and quick and easy to do and you'll have a Golden Mile surface that will last for years. 

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Daily Mile Track Surfacing

The most popular Daily Mile track surfacing in Moray IV30 8 by quite a long way is bonded mulch. Much of this is to do with its impact-resistant properties but a lot of it is to do with the ease of its installation, too.

The Daily-mile is an incentive that aims to provide children with fifteen minutes of outdoor activity per day in order to maintain their fitness and concentration levels. This is done by either walking or running along a track and is sometimes called a Golden Mile (unfortunately, there's no Big Dippers and ice cream on this Golden Mile!).

What better way to encourage this activity than by providing the children with a visual incentive, something that really grabs their attention and encourages them to stay fit and healthy? The way to do this is with a Daily-Mile track.

It can virtually any colour that you want, and who’s to say that it has to be a straight track? Why not make it a wiggly track or a spiral shape instead? Whatever design you choose, the biggest peace of mind that bonded mulch offers is the safety aspect.

Rubber shred is made from old recycled truck tyres that are shredded up into crumb or chipping-sized pieces. It can be used anywhere where traditional wood bark chippings might be used, such as a playground or a flower bed, and it’s a superb surface.

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Because it’s made from rubber, it’s much kinder to developing bones and muscles. Because the surface absorbs a lot of the impact, if the kids fall over while they are running the impact damage that is sustained by them is far less than if they were falling onto concrete, tarmac or even grass.

The standard depth ( will be fine for daily mile tracks, as children won't be falling from high heights.

So, there you have it; a surface that encourages physical and mental wellbeing while actively protecting young bodies from lasting impact damage? Why would you not have a rubber mulch surface for your Daily-Mile project?

Schools Daily Mile Rubber Mulch

The schools Daily Mile project has been a gratifying success, with over 42,000 children a month taking part and keeping both their bodies and their minds fit and healthy.

Much of this success has been helped along with the installation of Active Mile Tracks, and schools are quick to praise the positive impact that it has had on the children’s attitudes towards the project.

From the kids' point of view, a schools Daily Mile rubber mulch surface is;

  • Bright and colourful - The mulch can be made into virtually any combination of colours that you can think of. Many schools incorporate their colours into their tracks, while others prefer to go bold and bright for maximum visual impact.
  • Kind on the environment - The bonded shred is made from shredded truck tyres, so rather than clogging up landfills and not degrading, the tyres are put to good use on these tracks. It’s a superb way of promoting environmental issues.
  • Thinks of their safety first - Because the mulch is made of rubber, it has impact-resistant properties that other surfaces just don’t have. Fall over on this surface and you can get up and dust yourself off without much fuss. Falling over on a tarmac or concrete surface and the results can be much more dramatic (and painful).

From a teachers’ point of view, the surface is great because;

  • It’s not too pricey and it’s simple for a professional to lay - Rubber mulch can be poured over an existing surface (even mud), so it’s quick to install which makes it kind on school budgets.
  • It’s virtually self-sufficient - Once it’s been installed, the surface just needs a quick going over with a stiff brush once a while to maintain it. If it does become damaged then the offending area can be cut out and new material can be poured back in. Quick, easy, and inexpensive.
  • It’s fully water permeable - Standing water will be a thing of the past. The rubber much allows rainwater to drain through and disperse easily, so it actively looks after its own maintenance.
  • It encourages kids to be fit and healthy - The Daily Mile is all about getting kids to be active for 15 minutes a day to improve their physical fitness and cognitive skills. What better way to do it than this?

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Rubber Mulch Golden Mile in Moray

A rubber mulch Golden mile surface in Moray IV30 8 could be the addition that your school playground needs to brighten it up, make it a fun play for the children, and to keep them safe while they play. Kids love this surface because it’s springy and it encourages them to explore their play ideas further than they would have ordinarily done.

The idea of the Golden Mile incentive is to get kids out of the classroom for fifteen minutes every day and take part in physical activity, usually a brisk walk or a run. The idea behind it is that it keeps the kids in shape physically, but also mentally, as exercise has been proven to help concentration levels.

Incorporating a rubber mulch Daily Mile track into your playground will have a number of immediate and lasting benefits;

  • Instant visual appeal
  • Makes the Golden Mile activities safer for the kids
  • Easy to install
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Made using recycled materials
  • Can help towards OFSTED accreditations
  • Will not degrade over time

This surface instantly makes the Golden Mile activity seem more appealing to kids because it’s something different and it’s brightly coloured. The fact that it protects them from injury as they do this is a massive bonus and is not something that can be overstated.

The wellbeing of children while they perform physical activities in school, is something that a rubber mulch surface can help prioritise, so make it your business to inquire about installing one in your school today.

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