Bonded Rubber Mulch Playground in East Renfrewshire

Bonded Rubber Mulch Playground in East Renfrewshire

We can install a Bonded Rubber Mulch Playground at your school, nursery or park at great prices Please get in touch today via our contact form for a quote.

Bonded Mulch for Play Areas in East Renfrewshire

Bonded Mulch for Play Areas in East Renfrewshire

Bonded Mulch for Play Areas is perfect, as the surface offers safety properties to ensure children won't get hurt if they fall onto the surface. Enquire now for a price.

Rubber Play Bark in East Renfrewshire

Rubber Play Bark in East Renfrewshire

If you want the best prices for rubber play bark at your school, nursery or play park, make sure to get in touch with us today and we can provide you with a competitive quote for high quality materials and installations.

Bonded Rubber Mulch Playground in East Renfrewshire

Protecting your children at all times should be your top priority.  But how do you keep them safe while they’re at play? 

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Whether for school or public playgrounds, this play surface is fast becoming the most reliable and safest standard for surfacing and accident prevention. 

We can install a bonded rubber mulch playground in East Renfrewshire G78 2 that is permeable, soft, and extremely versatile!

Mulch can be used in the installation of:

  • School playgrounds
  • Public playgrounds and surfacing
  • Footpaths and public walkways

Find out more about mulch uses here:

Schools and local authorities opt for mulch for its amazing durability.  What’s more, it can be easily marked and painted for school use and for a variety of different sports.

For information on costs please click here or get in touch with us using the contact form provided for a quote.

Bonded Rubber Mulch

But what actually is a bonded rubber mulch playground?  Think of it in the same way you might think of wooden shred.  Our surfaces are put together with recycled tyre rubber, which is then broken down and bonded together to create solid, durable surfacing. 

"You have completely transformed our playground into something that the pupils and teachers love! Thank you so much for installing your product to a high quality."

If it’s good enough to protect lorries on long-distance drives, it will be safe enough to protect children against various trips and falls! Find out about Critical Fall Heights here

It is finely bonded together and laid down to provide incredible water permeability.  That means there is never any risk of water pooling and any damage that may be associated with it.  This safety surface is proven to endure intensive foot traffic time and time again. 

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What’s more, it will never get flooded or waterlogged.  Rainwater and otherwise simply seeps through to the soil or sub base below!

However, as a matter of policy, we must advise that there may be cases where we recommend that additional drainage solutions are put in place if you are to experience heavy waterlogging.  Don't worry – we'll run through all of this with you in detail!

Our rubberised mulch in East Renfrewshire G78 2 is known for its versatility in application as well as its porosity.  This means we will always be able to install and fill mulch for you to a variety of depths, lengths and more.

Bonded Mulch for Play Areas

There are plenty of great reasons why you may want to look into bonded mulch for play areas.

  • It’s soft and bouncy underfoot. This makes it fantastic for sport and athletics, as well as for general play.
  • It can be laid out in a wide variety of colours and styles, meaning you can choose to design your play area in local or school colours.
  • Rubber shred works fantastically well with traditional playground equipment. Safely install swings, see-saws and more without fear of your units loosening or becoming unsafe.
  • As mentioned, porosity means there’s no chance of water pooling or causing damage. Water could also create slip hazards or other potential problems for children eagerly running about.
  • It’s amazingly durable. You likely already know only too well that playground surfacing has a habit of wearing down from years of use.  After time, it can become hazardous to keep playing on.  With a bonded shred playground, you’ll get many more years of durability and safe play.
  • It’s cost-effective. While you would otherwise have to maintain and repair traditional playground surfacing from month to month, rubber shred simply goes on and on without you needing to lift a finger.  It’s part of our long-life guarantee!

Playground Rubber Shred

Our playground rubber shred in East Renfrewshire G78 2 is hugely popular with schools and public bodies alike.  We make sure to carefully shred down recycled rubber material before bonding it together with industrial resin. 

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This may sound like it produces a fairly strange effect, but take a look at some of the stunning play areas we’ve helped to build over the years.  Thanks to resistant coating, bonded rubber shred will continue to look appealing term after term after term. 

We’ve all seen old playgrounds and play areas crumble and fade over time.  It’s very sad to see this ever be the case!

Rubber shred, when installed as part of a solid, reliable and safe play area, can blend in well with natural grass and outdoor facilities. 

While you can install rubber mulch in a variety of colours and styles, the shred effect remains pleasing – to the naked eye, this surfacing can look similar to wooden shred you’d otherwise see in public play parks.

However, rubber shred is much safer than wooden alternatives.  There are no risk of splinters, and there’s an altogether softer landing if children trip or fall.  The shred and mulch can be laid to various depths to prevent fall injuries from extensive heights.

Rubber Play Bark in East Renfrewshire

Why else should you think about installing rubber play bark?  Let’s take a look.

  • Rubber play bark often won’t require extensive groundwork. That means, unlike many other surfacing options, you won’t have to worry about paying out for extensive installation costs.  It’s a quick, affordable playground solution.
  • You can lay and install bonded rubberised bark over a huge variety of surfaces. You can lay safe mulch over soil, tarmac, grass, gravel, paths, concrete and even sloping and lumpy surfaces.  We’ll take a look at your current playground or area and will let you know what we can do for you – simple!
  • Pricing is nice and simple. We offer upfront, reliable quotes for all of our surfacing solutions.  A bonded rubber mulch playground will be priced on factors such as length, width, depth, colours required, and if any additional work is needed, such as drainage.  In any case, we will be happy to quote you upfront with just a few details and can attend your premises to offer a detailed consultation.

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Whether you need to replace an old or existing playground surface or need to install a new one from scratch, it's important to look for options which will keep children safe no matter what.

Want to know more about bonded mulch for playgrounds and play areas in East Renfrewshire G78 2 and the costs involved? 

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