Rubber Mulch in Worcestershire

Rubber Mulch in Worcestershire

We can install rubber mulch surfacing across the UK to create a fun, decorative area for children to play. Get in touch for a quote.

Rubber Shred Surfacing in Worcestershire

Rubber Shred Surfacing in Worcestershire

We are expert installers when it comes to rubber shred surfacing. If you would like a quote, please complete our enquiry form now.

Rubber Mulch Installers in Worcestershire

Rubber Mulch Installers in Worcestershire

We are the best rubber mulch installers across the UK. Get in touch now for a free quote!

Rubber Mulch in Worcestershire

We are professional rubber mulch installers in Worcestershire WR11 4 with over 20 years of experience. Bonded shred is a safety surface that is made up of recycled rubber material, it consists of large chunks or shreds that are bonded to together with a specialist polyurethane binder to give a natural bark finish.

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This isn't the cheapest of the material that we provide but it can sometimes be the best option when surfacing difficult terrain. This can be installed: 

  • Straight onto compacted dirt 
  • Around trees or natural wood areas like fences and such
  • Areas without a fixed border
  • Without having a shock absorbing sub base

This versatile product comes is a few different colours but mostly in natural wooded colours like brown, red and green. This is a benefit for clients who want a natural look to their play area and have maybe used bark in the past but don't want the added maintenance of sweeping up bark chips or having them trodden into carpets.

The shred is fixed in-place with the binder giving a lasting fresh look to the surface with low maintenance. 

Play Area Surfacing Near Me

Safe surfaces like bonded play shred are increasing in popularity across the UK and we are installing more and more in play areas ( and parks as it is in keeping with most outdoor wooded area, whilst providing an impact absorbing surface that will make any activity area safer and reduce risks of serious injury.

This is especially appealing to councils, schools or nurseries; since we are in a blame and claim society, it isn't worth taking any risks. This is a key aspect that we have at the forefront when providing our product and information.

Suppling these services for over 20 years we our happy to share our specialist knowledge, just fill in our contact form now. 

Mulch Rubber Flooring 

Pricing cost can vary between bonded surfaces, as anything the higher quality products come with a higher price. After speaking to our expert team they should be able to narrow down the field and educate you to what surfaces are suited for certain terrains and activities.

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Whether that be wet pour, artificial grass and rubber shred mulch, we can calculate critical fall heights so that you can reduce the risks of injury. Costs can be reduced especially with mulch rubber flooring, as it can be laid onto different surfaces with minimal preparation and sometimes without a base.

Find out more about costs here -

Working in the industry for this extended period allows us to provide you with a wealth of experience to avoid disappointment or unnecessary expense. 

Rubber Mulch Supply

We locally source the recycled materials for this surface and due to the purchasing quantities, we can get our products at great rates meaning our services are competitive for our valued clients; for more information fill in our contact form and we will provide you with information on our range of products and services.

We provide a variety of products and install up and down the country we may have even done a school or sports facility nearby you. Our installation team travel the lengths of the country year-round making sure the rubber mulch supply reaches our clients wherever you may be. 

Rubber Shred Surfacing in Worcestershire

This recycled rubber shred surfacing is a high grade surface that can be used all year round. Using mulch on area like golf course pathways is great, as you will see the efficiency of the surface.

"We are so happy with our rubber mulch playground! We couldn't have asked a better company to complete the installation!"

Not just being able to use continuously but also saving time and money, as you will not need to have a groundsman maintaining surfaces constantly through winter periods.

This is a reason that we are seeing a rise in enquires and rubber mulch installers in Worcestershire WR11 4 are consistently busy providing our services local to you. 

Rubber Mulch Installers

As we have been installing this safety surfacing in Worcestershire WR11 4 for over two decades, we have extensive experience in all varieties of sites. The various product type changes to suit different needs and environments.

Whether its a daily mile track or a playground you would like installing, we can offer the best costs.

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Feel free to contact us with any questions for our specialist team, we can provide quotes and answers to any questions you may have. Our installations are nationwide and will offer competitive prices with an exceptional service. 

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